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Workflows Dashboard – by In Fidem

by mktbwadmin

Workflows Dashboard – by In Fidem snapshot image
Workflows Dashboard – by In Fidem snapshot image


This In Fidem add-on provides a single page interface that allows fast workflow progress monitoring.
This tool is meant to be run in parallel to the Task Manager, not to replace it, as it does not offer the same features.
Contrary to the task manager, the facet is mainly based on tickets (and not Activiti processes).
The facet is intended for advanced users, that understand workflow concepts, and the links between Activiti and the Ledger.
Facet features

  • List running and archived processes in a single interface
  • Filter on ticket types, priority and status
  • Filter by name and/or sort on most ticket fields
  • Three different progress calculations (depending on workflow design)
  • Export progress for all children of a given parent process
  • Retrieve Activi process info
  • List manual activities
  • Download synthesis report and display compliance report


Revision History

List of changes by version, most recent first.

version 1.0.4

Update dependency (from irgc_task_manager to bw_task_mananger).

version 1.0.3

Update icon.

version 1.0.2

Fix date widgets that would display today’s date when value is not set.
Make more room for empty values texts when a decorator is present.

version 1.0.1

Update Manifest to match Marketplace requirements.

version 1.0

Initial infidem release


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