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Mashup dashboards support

by Radiant Logic

Mashup dashboards support snapshot image
Mashup dashboards support snapshot image
Mashup dashboards support snapshot image


This add-on is a kind of startup pack that help you building rapidly your first Mashup dashboards

It provides the templates that allow to design mashup dashbaords, and the colors set for graphical components.

It provides also a set of views and rules that are pre-configured for Mashup dashboards creation.

Nine categories of Views and Rules are provided:

    • Accounts
    • Application
    • Asset
    • Group
    • Identity
    • Organization
    • Permission
    • Repository
    • Usage

For each views’ attributes, english and french labels have been defined in the “.properties” files available in the “localisation” folder.

The role “designer” is also configured and allows to create and share dashboard.

Note that the use of Mashup dashboards is subject to specific licensing and need to be activated in the license file.

Revision History

version 2.1

Adds new support views for dynamically selecting table column and new features for My Analytics.
To be used with ADER version.

version 1.4

add more colors to default, add multi chart view, add param views, fix labels, fix missing uids

version 1.3

initial version

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