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Brainwave GRC Booster for AD

by Radiant Logic

Brainwave GRC Booster for AD snapshot image
Brainwave GRC Booster for AD snapshot image
Brainwave GRC Booster for AD snapshot image
Brainwave GRC Booster for AD snapshot image
Brainwave GRC Booster for AD snapshot image


The Active Directory booster identifies, contextualizes, and analyzes access related risks over all your Active Directory domains and provides audit reports and out of the box dashboards.

  • on AD contents, understand all accounts and groups relationships.

Visualize hierarchies of HR organizations, Active Directory objects, groups and group membership through dedicated explorers,

Detect data quality issues such as circular groups, spot groups with only inactive accounts, disabled accounts without OU, empty groups etc.

Analyze risky situations such as active accounts belonging to former employees, public groups, active accounts whose password does not expire…

Follow up changes regarding administration groups, and on a wider scale all the AD objects.

  • on AD as an application, know who can update AD, is it legitimate with regard to his responsibilities

Check who can administrate AD, on which objects, with which level of permission (ACL),

Identify who can modify administration rights, can reset passwords, edit the userAccountControl etc.

Check local administration rights and password policies (GPO), follow up changes at a privileged accounts level,

Be preventive and limit AD mismanagement.

The add-on bw_ad_events_reports can complement the booster with analysis and reports on AD events when the Logs component has been purchased and activated.

IMPORTANT: this version is only compatible with IAS 1.1.

Revision History

version 2.0

– IAS 1.1 compatible version

version 1.5.1

– Split gpo_restrictedgroups collector line for performance improvement

version 1.4

– Improved AD ACL collect for better performance

version 1.3.2

– Improved extraction script for AD ACL and GPO

– Extraction the GPOs can be disabled using a parameter

version 1.3.1

– Filter BUILTIN accounts when collecting AD ACLs

version 1.3

Several improvements that include:

– activation of the identity perimeter on the KPIs in the overview dashboard,

– a new display of the filter per domain for the dashboards,

– in all detail tables, the activation of the filter,

– the favorites list in the home page now takes only into account AD Booster pages and reports.

version 1.2

Optimization of views.

version 1.1

Added support for domain perimeters.

version 1.0

version initiale.

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