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Identity Ledger web administration

by Radiant Logic

Identity Ledger web administration snapshot image
Identity Ledger web administration snapshot image
Identity Ledger web administration snapshot image


This Add-on allows to manage timeslots from iGRC web portal.

The administrator can browse both active and inactive timeslots and carry out actions such as activating, publishing/unpublishing, and renaming a timeslot.
He has also access to statistics on a given timeslot regarding its identities, organizations, assets, repositories and comparisons with the previous timeslot.

Revision History

v1.6 :

  • Validation of Timeslot from portal is possible when batch is still running

v1.5 :

  • Add Roles, Featuresets and Features to existing pages
  • NLS problem: the activation date is displayed as validation date
  • Add the option to mark a given timeslot as a reference timeslot
  • When validating a timeslot, add the option to plan the validation at a given time

v1.4 :

  • Updates for new 2017R2 release

v1.3 :

  • Add-on’s metadata updated for marketplace

v1.2 :

  • Include the timeslots timing menu

v1.1 :

  • Remove the technical workflows from the task manager

v1.0 :

  • Version 1.0: initial release

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