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Files enumerator – data collect

by Radiant Logic


This add-on allows to import multiple files at once with the same data format.

It is sometime necessary to configure the data collect to load data from a set of files for the same application:

– logs files splitted by size, date, …

– Data files (ldif, …) splitted by size …

The component is a new data source. It lists a set of files in a subtree.
File search can be simple or can include subdirectories. A search pattern can be defined at the file level to include only certain files in the list (wildcards ‘*’)

This data source returns the following attributes:

– File: Name of the file, without extension icts

– Filename: Name of the file, Including its extension

– Canonicalfile: Complete name and path of the file; This value can be used as a source Directly file in other Datasources

– Filesize: File size in bytes

– Lastmodified: Date of the last modification time of the file

– Currentnumber: If a series of file is retrieved, it indicates Which file among the results

– Totalsize: Aggregated value of all files sizes in Byte

– Totalnumber: Total number of files which have been retrieved by this source.

This add-on is used typically by the bw_win_sharedfolder add-on. However, in most of the case you can replace it by using the silo iteration features.

Revision History

current version

  • v1.5 : Add-on’s metadata updated for Marketplace

Previous versions :

  • v1.4 : wildcards are now correctly taken into account when using the enumerator add-on
  • v1.1 : converted to 2015 format
  • v1.0 : initial version of the Add-on integrating the enumerator files component and a sample collector line.

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