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Role mining

by Radiant Logic

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Role mining snapshot image


Roles mining add-on.

This add-on is part of the Booster for IAM and is used to identity and design business roles content.

It adopts a bottom-up approach, and allows from an Organisation to define new roles and check them by comparing the current access rights.

Two pages are provided and available from the Organisation detail page: “Roles mining” and “Roles candidates”.

The first one allows to design new roles with regard to the current access of the organisatrion’s members.

The second one list the content of each role designed previously, the permissions/applications and the identities details.

Revision History

version 3.0

Compatibility with IAS and Braille

version 2.3

Use metadatas instead of tickets review

version 2.2

Improvement of Roles import feature

version 2.1

Possibility to filter permissions in role-mining campaigns

version 2.0

Role mover: move, copy permissions/identities between roles

version 1.0

initial version

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