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Access recertification – campaign templates for the review wizard

by Radiant Logic


This add-on comes with the new feature available in ADER version, the review wizard template that allows you to create and configure review workflows based on the Identity Ledger objects.

This review wizard provides an interface to specify review business details and let the product generate the workflow and the user interface.

The generated review can be run out of the box. But further customizations can be applied if needed, thanks to the high customization capacity of the Brainwave product.

Now with this new feature, you can easily generate reviews process on identites, accounts or access rights,

and notify automatically managers of organization, repository, account, group or application to perform the reviews.

Revision History

version 2.5

Redesign of the “General Status” page.

Improve timeslots management.

Consistency of rights reviews.

version 2.4

Add campaign instance timeslot information to compliance reports.

Use localized version of titles where possible.

version 2.3

Add a dedicated status icon for review tasks with no entries to review.

Add a button to reassign selected task to current user.

Fix the incremental review mode that didn’t query the correct entries.

Add column headers to the compliance reports.

Add a more user friendly name to the compliance reports.

Persist the header selection in the cross-table review mode.

Persist the cross-table sort.

Save the task progress when exiting the review page.

Update the ‘disabled’ conditions on the management page buttons (for when tasks are still initializing).

version 2.2

Improve generated page indentation.

version 2.1

Button to finalize the review is now available in crosstable review page.

version 2.0

Compatibility with Identity Analytics Services (IAS).

version 1.6

Take into account foldable configuration for action buttons.

version 1.5

Seven new possible combinations “reviewer vs object to review” handeled on a total of twenty possible combinations.

Button added at campaign level to send a reminder for all manual tasks not yet completed.

On hold management page, display a message when there is an error during the process.

Add revieweractorfullname in compliance reports

version 1.4

Initial General Availability version

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