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Wallix WAB Connector

by Radiant Logic

Wallix WAB Connector snapshot image
Wallix WAB Connector snapshot image
Wallix WAB Connector snapshot image


This add-on is a Wallix WAB connector. Note that the initial version of this add-on is not compatible with json/rest add-on bw_jsonrest version 2.5 and higher.

This add-on provides capabilities in terms of data extraction and data loading. Wallix Data is extracted thanks to the Wallix WAB APIs and is automatically loaded into the Brainwave Identity Ledger

The following data is extracted:

    • WAB users
    • WAB groups
    • WAB profiles
    • Target devices
    • Target services
    • Target applications
    • Target accounts
    • Target groups
    • Session authorizations
    • Password authorizations
    • Session logs

At the end of the day this add-on provides a complete understanding of who can access to which device/application with a privileged access, who is having admin rights in the WAB, and who has done what.

What’s New

Initial version.


Revision History

version 1.0

Initial version


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