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Documentum – data collect

by Radiant Logic

Documentum – data collect snapshot image
Documentum – data collect snapshot image


This add-on allows to import accounts, groups, the Documentum objects and the related ACL from Documentum environment.

The following information are loaded into the Brainwave data model “Identity Ledger”:

  • Accounts
  • Groups
  • Links between groups and subgroups
  • Links to groups of accounts
  • Cabinets
  • Folders
  • The Documentum ACL

The add-on includes discovery, collectors files and examples of data extracted from Documentum.

Revision History

version 2.2

Identity Analytics Services certification

version 2.1

This add-on is now able to iterate on multiple source files in order to take into account several Documentum environments

version 2.0

Updates including folder’s owner specific ACLs overload

version 1.0

initial version of the add-on including the file discovery, collector lines and the silos with the iteration feature activated.

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