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Exception manager – workflow process utilities

by Radiant Logic

Exception manager – workflow process utilities snapshot image
Exception manager – workflow process utilities snapshot image
Exception manager – workflow process utilities snapshot image


This add-on allows to install and deploy the exception management tool.

Exception management is a powerful feature that allows you to manage the lifecycle of a control defect. As of version 2016 of Brainwaves iGRC plateform the feature has been enhanced with the possibility to manage exception through workflows.

Exceptions are used to attach a lifecycle information to a control result when:

  • The control defect is a false positive,
  • There is a reason for the control defect either temporary or definitive,

The exception feature do not remove the control results. It adds additional information that can be linked to it.

You can then choose how to display this information to end-users through the portal.

For instance hide results with controls defect, or to display them in another format and/or with additional information (the control defect reason, start and end date…) etc.

From a technical point of view, exceptions are compatible with all control families except “theoretical rights” where derogation should be used instead.

Revision History


Add of menu item Exception manager in Admin category


In the dialog that creates exception, allow the user to create exception with an empty reason


Add-on’s metadata update for Marketplace


Tables that display exceptions related to some control types are duplicated

v1.0 :

Initial version of the exception management add-on

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