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SQL database – data extraction

by Radiant Logic

SQL database – data extraction snapshot image
SQL database – data extraction snapshot image
SQL database – data extraction snapshot image


This add-on is a SQL connector, it helps you to extract data automatically from a SQL database in order to fulfill the Brainwave data model.

Configuration is easy: You just have to point to a SQL database and to write down a SQL query.
Data is automatically extracted and retrieved to the Brainwave server as a flat file in CSV format.

This connector relies on JDBC, it can connect to any database compatible with the JDBC standard (Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, PostreSQL, MySQL, …)

This connector is provided with an example which extract Identity data from the Brainwave Identity Ledger

Revision History

version 1.3

Now compatible with Identity Analytics Services from Braille version

version 1.2

Update that provides date management

version 1.1

Add-on’s metadata update for Marketplace

version 1.0

Initial version.

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