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Microsoft Sharepoint – data extraction and collect

by Radiant Logic

Microsoft Sharepoint – data extraction and collect snapshot image
Microsoft Sharepoint – data extraction and collect snapshot image


This add-on provides means to import the permissions of a Sharepoint instance.

The add-on includes silo, discovery and collector files which rely on CSV files obtained by an extraction with a dedicated script.

The Sharepoint objects tree structure (including sites, lists and items) is mapped into the permissions, and rights are affected to Active Directory users and groups, or to specific Sharepoint groups.

Documentation regarding how to extract Sharepoint data using the provided PowerShell script is available in the project after add-on installation in /library/contribs/bw_sharepoint/

What’s New

Compatibility with Braille Identity Analytics Services (IAS).

Revision History

v3.2 :

Pages and reports included in this add-on have been moved to a new add-on: bw_sharepoint_pages, to comply with the IAS Braille version

v3.1 :

Update search and detail pages to improve performance

v3.0 :

Add-on’s metadata updated for Marketplace

v2.4 :

APPS-247 Filter local sharepoint accounts in the discovery of the roles collect

v2.3 :

version compatible with 2016R3 and the new default project

v2.2 :

PermissionMask (action) is now calculated when we have several masks for the same (permission/group/account)

Group details permission page/report display now sharepoint permissions

v1.2 :

version compatible with silo collection in iGRC 2015.

v1.1 :

fix of a name bug with collector lines in the collector launcher line

fix of an attribute inversion in collector line for rights

displayname instead of url as display value for a permission

improvement on filter for NT AUTHORITY values in discovery files


initial version of the add-on providing extraction scripts and data import for a Sharepoint instance.

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